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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Truth about success

What is the truth about success you may ask: what ever we do in life produce result, be it the desires or other wise, the continuous realization of the outcomes or results one desire. This is the TRUTH about succes.
What is success? Success is define a favourable or satisfactory outcome of result. The gaining of wealth, fame, rank, and so on.
The physical level, sucess is seen as spercific material achievement or accomplishment. After this material accomplishment are achieved the lere is no further drive or growth in understanding, wisdom,or conciousness, you become consumed with the maintainning your possessions which represnt your success.

The spiritual level of success: success is progressive realization of a worthwhile purpose. Growth is in all aspect. success in this level is the continous unfolding of your purpposeand destiny.
True success is progrese continous effort of attaining your goal and realization of your vision.
Success most be in your mind first: success in your mind brings concept and vision that leads you to your destination.

"you become what your thing about most if the time"
_Earl Nightingale.

Be consistent in your efforts: A stop at the first sign of success will make you lazy, stagnant, thus you will beging to decline ing your progress to achieveing success.
Success and achievement come through continous work. The dictionary is were success comes before work. learn to use it but don’t remain in it, act on what you learn.

Get away from the crowed at the bottom: there are many unsuccessful, midiocre people who have faile to recougnize or act on ther true potential, if you constantly associate with them your journey to surcess will be shot-live. You must clear the desk to make room for new associations which will complement your success efforts.

Be willing to change completely: make your life congruent with, consistent with,and harmonic with your desire success. Do whatever it takes to become the person you want to be, to ccomplish your goals and realize your vision.
Everyday, in every way i a’m getting better and better,